Finally, a Coaching & Certification Program Designed for Fitness Enthusiasts Looking to Get Their Personal Training Careers Started!

A 12 Week Comprehensive Course Designed by 360 Fitness Trainers (Voted Top 100 Gyms in the World 9 Years in a Row) for New Fit Pros Looking to Get "Their Feet Wet" in the Industry Before the Big Leap of Investing More Time/Money Into Education

The 360 Fitness Coaching & Certification Program

In 12 Weeks...

Know the Foundations of Personal Training, How to How to Fill Your Schedule with Your IDEAL Client & How to Build Your Dream Fit Business!

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You might ask yourself “Why would a Personal Training company want to create a Personal Training Certification?” 

Simple. The industry model is broken.

And we want to fix it. 

For aspiring personal trainers, the barrier to enter the industry is either too high (4 years and 40k) or too low (a 30 minute online certification).

And on top of that, most personal training certifications only teach you about fitness fundamentals and coaching clients and NOTHING about business or how to attract, attain and retain clients...so you can actually have a business and not just a hobby. 

We’ve noticed that while many certification programs will give the fundamentals on exercise theory and anatomy, not many programs teach  trainers how to be true coaches, how to market themselves, and how to be successful in the personal training industry. We want to change that. 

 This certification will go into the fitness fundamentals, but we will also be going a lot more in- depth in a lot of exercise theory, physiology, nutrition, anatomy and functional training to give you the practical skills to be successful. 

After we’ve covered what will make you successful on the floor with your clients, we will go into the background work for your clients such as how to create a nutrition plan, how to properly develop a program and  how to hold clients more accountable to their goals and see results. 

All of that will make you successful WITH your clients, but how are you going to make money and bring aboard new clientele? 

We dive into these topics as well with how to successfully market yourself, how to properly create profit margins for yourself and how to expand your business to become the best.   
  Getting excited yet? You should be. It won’t be the easiest 12 weeks of your life, but the skills and knowledge you will gain from this will help you be successful in your career as a personal trainer. 

Yes, we said CAREER, not just a job.

Together, let's make that happen!

Love the Course or Your Money Back. That's How Confident We Are

Here's the 12 Week Course Curriculum

  • Course Introduction: Outline expectations and course flow. 

  • Week 1: Fitness and Health Basic Foundations

  • Week 2: Human Body Mechanics

  • ​Week 3: Intro to Nutrition

  • ​Week 4: Advanced Nutrition

  • ​Week 5: Flexibility, Mobility & Posture 

  • ​Week 6: Training Principles & Program Design

  • ​Week 7: Exercise Form & Technique

  • Week 8: Introduction to Olympic Lifting

  • Week 9: Marketing and Business Planning 

  • ​Week 10: How to be an Effective and Successful Coach

  • ​Week 11: Shadowing and On-Site Learning at a Local Club

  • ​Week 12: Course Review and Final Exam

  • ​BONUS MODULES: We give you several bonuses to help you coach better, sell more and save time. 

  • ​FREE DOCUMENT TEMPLATES: Save time, energy and legal fees by using our templates for assessments, PAR Q's, assessments & more. 

Health & Fitness Theory
We start with the basics and help you master them. We also dive into human body mechanics, ROM and posture. 
We teach you essential nutrition theory and programming to help your clients eat for their goals. 
Marketing & Business
You can be the best trainer and coach on the planet but if you don't have any clients or have to close your business, then it's a waste. We show you how to build a business, get clients, how to wow them and how to keep them for life.  BONUS - for a limited time get free access to advanced sales course modules. 
Programming + Planning
We teach you how to program, plan and design effective workouts for your clients. 
Technique + Coaching
We teach you how to instruct, cue, demonstrate and assist on exercises for your clients so they get results safely and quickly. 
Free Document Templates
Save time, effort, energy and legal fees by using our document templates for your clients and your business. 


Only $499 ($697)

This is the BEST thing an aspiring personal trainer can do when they are looking to break into the industry. 

Plus, we will help you with a job recommendation letter and reference. After completing the 360 Fitness CCP, we will write you a letter of recommendation and be a reference for you while applying at fitness centers. WIN WIN.

The Proof is in the Pudding...

  • Learn from Our The Best​- 360 Fitness it THE premier personal training company in Western Canada and is a bar setter on the world stage with being named Top 5 Gyms in the World 6 years in a row by IHRSA.

  • Our Trainers Lead the Way ​- Our personal trainers become local experts in the community in a matter of no time. From winning awards, to being recognized around town, writing in papers and more.

  • 13 Years of Trial and Error - We are going into our 13th year in business and our trainers and systems are constantly on the leading edge, staying one step ahead of the "other guys".

In 12 Weeks, You'll Know the Foundations of Personal Training, How to Create Your Business and How to Fill Your Schedule with Your IDEAL Client 

Yes, I Want to Enroll in the 12 Week Fit Pro Coaching & Certification Program

...to learn from the best of the best and get my personal training career off the ground in record timing!

Only $499 ($697)

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