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Expert Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Start Here!

Ready to finally get the results you want? Click the button below to go to Step #1

Expert Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Why Choose Us for Online Personal Training?

Right off the bat, you need to know that we are more than online coaches. 360 Fitness has 2 personal training studios in Alberta, Canada with over 20 personal trainers, 97+ years of experience and 1000's of success stories. We work with clients in person and online.

No "overnight" or "Instagram Only" Personal Trainers here. We are the real deal. 

Named Top 100 Fitness Studios in the World - 9X

360 Fitness was honored to be named to the Leading Club Profiles by IHRSA (our Academy Awards) for the past 9 yrs for our unique mission and our outstanding membership experience.

Simply The Best Personal Trainers

If we want to give our clients the best results, we need to have the best personal trainers. Our trainers have post secondary education in our fields, must complete our 12 Week In House Curriculum and together we have over 90 years experience. We can work with any fitness goal.

More Than Just a Workout

We provide more than just a workout. Your coach will send you a detailed questionnaire at the start to learn more about you and schedule a 1-1 call to introduce themselves, the program and go over goals. After which we send you a workout plan and nutrition plan based on your needs/wants.

Super Convenient Fitness App

You will get free access to the 360 Fitness Trainerize App where you coach will send you your workouts, nutrition plans, track your progress and you can chat back and forth through our messaging system.

Options for Every Goal

We offer 2 great options.

Elite: Comprehensive 1on1 online personal training. Weekly accountability calls, full app access, customized workouts and programming, form checks, video reviews, individualized nutrition plans, recipes and grocery lists and anytime 2 way communication. $249/month.

Great for folks who want results fast and accountability.

Basic: Customized workout programming, full app access, nutrition tracker, nutrition goal planning, access to on demand workouts.

Great for those looking for better structure and expert made workout plans based on their goals, life and gym setting. $119/month.

Huge Bonuses for You

As a thank you for signing up and being an action taker, we will send you a digital version of our 360 Cookbook that comes with 300+ trainer approved and chef inspired recipes! Plus a few more resources to help you in the kitchen. Value $50

No Stiff Contracts

Start with 90 days and then roll into month to month. Give the relationship and programming 90 days to think long term and plan accordingly. This gives us room to avoid quick fixes and focus on habits and progression. Cancel 30 days notice anytime after that.

We also back it up with a full satisfaction agreement. Follow the plan and love it or you don't pay.

Join the 360 Fitness Community

You'll get an invite to join our Members Only Facebook Group as well, giving you access to other members, recipe shares and an arena to gain motivation and to motivate others.

Meet Our Online Coaching Team

Langley Strampel 

360 Fitness Trainer  Strong First KB Level 1 Strong First Barbell Crossfit Level 1 TRX & XBike Certified Physical Education Degree Experienced Obstacle Racer  CSEP Certified Trainer Brain Fit Certified

She has 9+  years experience Manager at 360 Fitness Red Deer. She is one of the strongest little ladies you'll ever meet. She has competed in CF regionals and can rock hand stand pushups like nothing. 
She is an avid traveller, loves dogs and has been to over a dozen obstacle course races and has coached two World Championship Race runners. 
She will have in tip to shape in no time.

Mackenzie Kowalczuk

360 Fitness Trainer Bachelor of Kinesiology
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

From a young age I was involved in many sports – primarily hockey, volleyball, and track and field. I was fortunate to have a hockey dryland trainer who continually shared the importance of working out, rehabilitating injuries, eating nutritiously, and in general, living a healthy lifestyle. My previous dryland trainer set the stage for me to want to help others in reaching their health and fitness related goals. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge from my university education and my experience with online and in person clients!

Austin Bristow

360 Personal Trainer Certified Personal Trainer 2200 Hour Advanced RMT
Canfitpro CPT Theratape Level 2 Sports Massage Therapist

I am a 2200 hour RMT. Graduating with directors honors in basic massage therapy, advanced massage therapy, and anatomy and physiology. I am a Canfitpro certified personal trainer. 
My passion stems from experiencing myself how physical activity, focused recovery, and grounded, mindful movement cannot only have a significant impact on your physical health. It is an invaluable tool to improve mental health. It is essential to building the strongest version of yourself.

Chantal Froehler

360 Fitness TrainerStrong First KB level 1 CSEP Certified Trainer Trigger Point certified Brain Fit Certified

I have been in the fitness and health industry for over 6 years but prior to that I was college athlete that feel in love with fitness and health. I'm a certified personal trainer from post secondary and also StrongFirst certified for Kettlebell and barbell.
Before C19, my schedule was filled with 40+ clients a week. My favourite part of the job is watching people raise to the challenge and watch themselves succeed. 
I’d love to work with you so I can continue doing my passion.

Crystal Urquhart

360 Fitness TrainerKinesiology Diploma Crossfit Level 1
Massage Therapist

With over 11 years in the fitness industry she has worked with all types of amazing humans! She is a nutrition nerd with a focus on IBS and celiac disease  and works with folks looking to lose weight and trim up. Has worked with elite athletes/kids/elderly/rehab  She loves hockey, travelling, the lake and enjoying time outside. 

Certified. Experienced. Dedicated to You!


You'll thank yourself later!Become your own success story. 


Watch how our clients have changed their lives forever with 360 Fitness...all

while still having room for careers, family and enjoying life to the fullest!

From Jack Wheeler - Founder of 360 Fitness

First and foremost, congratulations on making it this far! It may not seem like much but even visiting our website and doing your homework is a huge leap in the right direction to a new life. 

It means that you are self-aware and excited about change. This is a great place to be.

Our Online Personal Training works - we have a tried, tested and true system with amazing coaches. 

Your coach will work with you on exercise, nutrition, meal planning, lifestyle and hold you accountable through coaching calls and tracking your progress. You’ll be guided step by step through every part of your program.

Let us help you make the first strides to lasting changes in your health and fitness, today.

Here's How it Works:

  • Register Online: Sign up via our online payment portal where it's secure and customized for you. 

  • Free Consultation Call: We will call you first thing to say hello, introduce ourselves and welcome you to the program and to talk more in depth about your goals and life. From there, we can choose a coach best suited for you. 

  • ​​​Get Started with the Fitness & Nutrition App: Right away we send you the app registration details so you can get your profile up and running. 

  • Client Intake Form: From there we will send you a questionnaire where we can get to know you, your goals, your struggles, your obstacles, your desires and your life a little better. This helps us make a custom program for you best suited to your needs. We will send the programs right to your app account for ease.

  • 1st Coaching Call & Orientation: After that, we book your 1st coaching call to go over your plan, answer any questions you have and get you started on the right foot!

  • Customized Approach: Once we know our path, our coaches create customized workouts along with customized nutrition plans for you and send them into your app for you to be view. All workouts comes with demos, instructions and guides. Nutrition plans are catered to you and your goals. 

  • Results! From there, the results start coming in fast! You got this :)

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t take our word. See what’s our members think.

Mary Timoshyk (60), Retired

"My mindset before I came to 360 was negative and since I've been here I feel so much better, my back doesn't hurt and 360 gives me a reason to get out and get moving."

Neil Berg (57), Investment Advisor

"Since the age of thirty, I started getting lazier and bigger, which led to having angioplasty three years ago. that was a big kick in the head. 360 has been able to help me solve these issues. Compared to old me, I feel a lot better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right online personal trainer for me?

First, you have to know ALL our trainers are amazing. They are leaders in the industry and have tremendous experience with load of education behind them. They are all full time coaches and personal trainers - this is their calling. You can choose from their bio's or if you wish us to select the best trainer for you and your goals you can request that as well. 

Also, another perk is that all our coaches work together so if you wish to try another trainer at any time, we can snappily switch you to another coach. 

What does the online personal training membership include?

We offer 2 great options.

Elite: Comprehensive 1on1 online personal training. Weekly accountability calls, full app access, customized workouts and programming, form checks, video reviews, individualized nutrition plans, recipes and grocery lists and anytime 2 way communication. $249/month.

Basic: Fully customized workout programming, full app access, nutrition tracker, nutrition goal planning, access to on demand workouts. $119/month.

Everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals quickly, sustainably and with a smile on your face. 

We have been in business for 15+ years and have worked with 1000's of clients - we know what works. 

I have medical problems. Can I join?

Sure thing! Our personal trainers are educated, experienced and have a knack for doing homework. We will never bluff, if we don't know something we will find out. We have worked with a wide range of medical issues and injuries. 

What is the program length?

Your initial commitment is for 3 months then it rolls into month to month. You can cancel any program with 30 days notice. 

We are in the results business. Your goals are our goals. 


You'll be working with an experienced, educated personal trainer who has one help you reach yours!

Beth Anne Grasse (25), Admin & Student

"With 360 Fitness, you are always taken care of. My coach is always there with me and is always asking about my food, my cardio and my life, my weekends. It's the accountability that keeps me coming back."

Keith Wolstenholme (41), Surgeon

"With work, family and a busy life...professional help from 360 Fitness made sense. Not only have I gotten in way better shape, I was able to pursue a new hobby in Obstacle Racing, something I never would have been able to before."

Theresa K.
"Thanks Jon, you have a great way of putting things in a good perspective. I know i will get through all of this and in the end will be way better off than i was before. Thanks for all your support and I'm so happy I signed up for this or I would have been so lost right now!!"

Elyse L.

"You have become a very large role in my life lately. I appreciate you so much for "taking me under your wing" and reminding me that I am a work in progress and that my progress had been earned. I feel valued when I'm around you and I just thought I should let you know that you are a great human being."

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