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Hey, my name is Brooke Einarson-Schaab and I'm Co-Owner and Operations Lead at 360 Fitness. We specialize in body transformations and personal training.

I am so proud to introduce you to our online fitness and nutrition programs. Our team of 25+ personal trainers with over 100 years of experience is now taking our knowledge to the masses with a mission of helping as many people as possible. So please check out the Fitness Programs, Nutrition Programs and Lifestyle Programs we have available!

The 21 Day Challenge Online: Lose 8-15lbs + 2 Pant Sizes

Finally, An All-in-One Complete Plan that is Laser Focused on Fat Loss for the Everyday Person!


Give us just 21 days and we'll melt up to 15+lbs of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to tight, toned and terrific...quickly, safely and naturally, without diets, drugs or gimmicks.

Hundreds of our clients did it, and now it's your turn...

21 Challenge Results So Far = 3040lbs lost and 2700 inches in 21 Days! Our Challengers are routinely losing 8-15+lbs, 2 dress/pant sizes and developing life long habits.

Plus, we have an added incentive. Get results and get paid! Earn up to $500 by simply getting results.

  • Done for You Nutrition Plan​- 21 days of complete meal plans, recipes and food lists!
  • Fat Burning Workouts​- We created "at home" versions and "at the gym" versions, so you can get fit anywhere!
  • Accountability Calls - You'll be centered, guided and structured working with a coach 1on1 with 2x week coaching calls
  • Weekly Habit Challenges - Build good patterns in your life and get out of your comfort zone!
  • 100% Online, Super Convenient - We built this program on a state of the art membership site that you can access anywhere from any device!
  • Win $500 Cold, Hard Cash - Rock the challenge, get results and share your story to win $500. Need any other incentive?
  • And So Much More....

The 7 Day Detox: Reset, Recharge & Renew Your Body

Learn How to Reset and Recharge Your Body Without Restrictive Eating!

Looking for a detox that actually works and doesn't lead to bad rebounds?

Good. Then this 7 day detox is for you.

This is not a crash diet, there are no fancy powders or pills and no magic wands...this is a real detox for real people using real food.

After months at the drawing board...I am super happy to introduce you the 7 Day Detox Diet from 360 Fitness! With over 100 years of fitness and nutrition experience on our team we put tons of effort, science and live it this one.

So get ready to reset your body and feel alive again!

  • Increase Energy - This is NOT a calorie restricted diet - far from it. This detox has lots of energy and actually boosts your metabolism!
  • Better Gut Health​- Our science based blend of micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients, and fiber...your gut will love you again!
  • Consistent Weight Loss - Our main goal here isn't the scale # but you'll be happy once your body releases some excess weight!
  • And So Much More!

The Ultimate Fat Loss Cookbook: 300 Fat Loss Recipes

Do You Want Your Family to Eat Healthier…But Sick of Boring, Complicated “Health Food” Recipes?

Get Your Hands on a 300+ Mouth-Watering, Nutritious Recipes – Perfect for Staying Fit & Melting Fat…That Your Family Will Love Too!

Completely designed by our personal training team, we have created a cookbook packed full of recipes that are 100% focused on burning fat.

With science based nutrition, you're body will get everything it needs but so will your taste buds. Not only do the recipes increase metabolism and give you tons of satisfaction but they also taste delicious!

Trust me, you will never need another cookbook again.

  • Everything You Need​- Enjoy delicious high-protein, low-calorie, and even gluten-free treats that are fast and easy!
  • Fat Loss Focused​- Lose weight effortlessly without counting calories by using science based nutrition and timing. 
  • Save Time - No more countless hours spent in the kitchen doing prep. These recipes are fast, simple that the whole family will enjoy. 
  • And So Much More...

Full Body Composition Analysis: An In-Person Test Using the Inbody 230 with Consultation

360 Fitness is now offering Inbody Composition and Analysis Testing to everyone! Find out what your body is made up of and have a Q/A with our trainers.

We have been using this system for our Private Personal Training and Small Group Clients to ensure the best results for them and to enable our trainers to have a thorough viewpoint of the clients starting points and progress.

This is such a powerful tool for accountability, insight and to give you super accurate analysis on how your body is changing everyday.

PLUS: to make it a no-brainer and to give you more resources to crush your fitness goals...we are throwing in a free digital copy of our 250+pg fitness cookbook (Value $17). Yes, the same cookbook as above...for free!

  • Body Composition - Muscle Mass and Fat Mass Testing
  • Hydration Levels - Find out if your body is properly hydrated
  • Body Segment Analysis - Find out where your body holds muscle
  • Basal Metabolic Rate - Find out how many calories you need to eat a day
  • Lean Body Mass and Body Fat % Targets - Find out where you need to be
  • And So Much More...

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The 7 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Program

Quickstart Guide + Meal Plan + Recipes + Daily Video Lessons

Join Our Online 7 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Program, FREE!

You're Gonna Get...

  • A full 7 day healthy eating meal plan that removes all the guessing and confusion 
  • A lifestyle plan to help you burn extra fat while you follow our Jumpstart Nutrition Plan
  • 18 delicious fat burning recipes so you can feel satisfied and energized while you burn fat
  • 1x Daily Video Lesson​that teaches you how to "find your why", how to create your own nutrition plans, workout plans and more importantly stick to your goals!
  • Bottom line: You are going to rev your metabolism, boost your energy, lose a few pounds and build healthy habits...all in 7 days (which leads to even bigger success!)


Now Only $7 - The 7 Day Detox!

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

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P.S. - Again, thanks for visiting our online shop! Just an FYI that all our programs come with a 100% money back guarantee and were created by a world class personal training team!

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